Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sewing & Quilt Show

I was a little disappointed in this show.    Could not take photo of the displays or quilts, it was forbiden.   I mainly went in to look at the embroidery machines.    I dislike a  pushy sales persons,  they want you to buy that day or you won't get a discount.    Then I guess I don't need to buy their machine if I have to make an instant decision that day.      I can wait for another show,  I'm not in a hurry. 

Bought two patterns ..... boy did I save the    These patterns are from   Laura Murray Designs.   Another project that I thought I would try.    The bag and jacket were really classy  looking.    She used paint sticks on the fabric.... check out her web site    then the project.


Angie said...

Love the purse/bag pattern! I don't do much garment sewing anymore. But, I look forward to seeing your completed pattern projects.
I'm sorry to hear the show was not as much fun as you anticipated. Not be able to take pictures of the quilters entries is unusual isn't it? I understand the vendors not wanting pictures taken.
I don't know which embroidery machines you are looking at, but do take a look at the Babylock machines. I've had a Ellageo for 5 yrs, and a few years ago I traded up to the Ellisimo. Very user friendly machines, and I've had no problems with either one. Some of the best sewing/embroidery machines on the market. Of course I'm biased. But, I use mine all the time.
You did good, and didn't even buy any thread! :o)

Suzan said...

Guess we have been going to the same shows, the one here was not very interesting either. I have a Brother innovis 1500D, I have had it for about four years now, and I think it is great for what I do. It doesn't have the color screen, but that is OK with me. I started out with a Bernina, but just a small hoop, this one has a 5 x 7 inch one which is great for me. I have students that have the Huskvarna and big hoop and one of the girls has the new bernina with the giant hoop. I only use mine for embroidery, I have the 440 from bernina for sewing and my little quilting projects.
Happy shopping, there are so many out there it will be hard to choose.

Raylene Smith said...

fair dinkum, Reb..musta bin a disappointing show for you to have come home with only 1 much fun to be had if there's not much you want to buy...bugger..