Friday, April 1, 2011

My Mini # 2

My surprise sitting on the porch when I came home from Chicago.

My mini quilt came  from Anya in Utah.     Little embroidered cottages... the first is a English cottage and the second is a French cottage.     Beautiful work!!  I love cottages especially the ones in Europe.   Anya stated that she lived in Europe for twenty four years.    The gals on APQS forum sign up for another mini quilt swap with a secret quilter.    Again we had to let the quilter know our preference for a quilt, color, pieced, applique etc.  or  they could do what ever they wanted.   

Love the background fill.....

I'm a cat lover too!   So the card is special because it is a cat.   I'm thinking I will matt and frame it.   She also sent a lovely book marker and note pad.

Book marker will go in my Bible. 

                       I LOVE IT ..... I LOVE IT ..... I LOVE IT!!!     
                                  THANK YOU ANYA! 


Mad about Craft said...

We have pushy sales people at our shows in the UK sometimes, they are annoying.

Suzan said...

Rebecca, that is really cute, you must be in HEAVEN, with those cottages.
I am behind on mine, but will be out soon.

Rebecca said...

I'm in I love cottages.