Saturday, April 16, 2011

Work In Progress

Seeing I can't finish  my last project that I was working on,  I decided to work on the Tulip quilt.   My DIL borrowed my machines,  and won't return it until  Tuesday.

I'm using adding machine tape to mark my registration marks for the feathers.   I will draw my feathers on, then quilt them tomorrow.     I drew out the feathers in my sketch book that I wanted to apply to the quilt,  this way I wouldn't forget what  I plan out.    I even forgot what thread I was using,  it took me awhile to figure that out,  forgot to log it. 

These are some of the feather designs that I will use to fill in the tan area..... 

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Suzan said...

Rebecca, How do you do your quilt log, is it a note book with pictures? a binder? Wondering, I should start one, but not sure how to go about it!!!