Monday, April 25, 2011

Us Kids Played Today

Cute ... they look just like me.
Did not get the painting done today.   We decided that we would have a play day and go out for lunch.  There is always another day to paint and clean.

   Jordan,  Hannah,  Sydney,  Cammy,  Channing,  and little  Joey.    Hannah and Chan are twins.  They have so much fun when they are together.    I love listening to them...

My little quilter
She wanted to quilt today,  but I said not today,  can you tell she was happy

                                               Pizza!!     at the pizza hut,  all you can eat!!!

We always have fun when we hang out together .....  I think gram ma is the biggest kid    We usually play games,  shop, eat pizza,  when they have a week off from school.   Next time we will camp out.

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Raylene Smith said...

you are such a good granma....looks like they had a lot of fun...happy easter xx