Friday, April 29, 2011

My Favorite Pics of the Girls

Seeing this is a Wedding day I had to look back at pictures.    These are my favorite .... my daughters and granddaughters.    What a fun day!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is a Sharon Schamber applique pattern that I ordered over a year ago and decided to get in on the frame and quilt it.   I drew part of my pattern on with pencil, starch the fabric first.   I'm using her wreath design then will quilt my on back ground fill. 

I used Sharon's idea and copy one of my feathers, made a template and trace the feather on fabric so they all look alike. That might change once I start to quilt the feathers.

                              So much for painting walls today...

Cottage Flowers

One of my many Vintage table cloths that a special person sent to me.   It is perfect with my white flowers.
                                        Thank you Joyce!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Change of Heart

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about this quilt,  got up and put it back on the frame,  quilted fancy feathers on the ribbon.    Now it looks complete.    Peace at last!!    Now I can move

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tulip Quilt FINISHED

So Happy to take this off the frame,  it seems like it has been forever.....    I think I just got tired of working on this quilt.    I change some of the quilting designs so I could get it off the frame.    Will block it tonight and get the binding on this weekend.    In fact I think I will call  DIL for a


I quilted a  (sloppy) ribbon  cause I was tired of working on this quilt.   I had feathers planned for that area .... Oh will!     I could rip it out next year and put the feathers in.   I'll think on it....    Naaaah!!   It's going back on the frame.... I'll add feathers to the ribbon.

Slip Cover

After I took the kids home decided not to paint the walls.   Went up stairs to my sewing room and made slip covers for the pillows on the sofa.   I keep a throw on the sofa because of the pets and take it off when we have company.   White slip covers under the throw. 


My new French Chairs with rush seats

This was on my computer when I got up this morning.   Jordan left me this little message.  Jordan is the third oldest of the grandkids.   He has Touretts Syndrome which is a neurological disorder.   The kids use to make fun of him at school until we had a little educational secession  explaining touretts .... now he has lots of friends.

Cottage Windows

It's raining here today .....hummmmmm         Good day to QUILT!! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Us Kids Played Today

Cute ... they look just like me.
Did not get the painting done today.   We decided that we would have a play day and go out for lunch.  There is always another day to paint and clean.

   Jordan,  Hannah,  Sydney,  Cammy,  Channing,  and little  Joey.    Hannah and Chan are twins.  They have so much fun when they are together.    I love listening to them...

My little quilter
She wanted to quilt today,  but I said not today,  can you tell she was happy

                                               Pizza!!     at the pizza hut,  all you can eat!!!

We always have fun when we hang out together .....  I think gram ma is the biggest kid    We usually play games,  shop, eat pizza,  when they have a week off from school.   Next time we will camp out.

Another Tote

Whipped this up Saturday night ....  It will go to a friend.

My youngest daughter .....   Heather 

                                                       Youngest son .... Christopher      

                           You know the song  "When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ready for MQS

                          I guess I don't need to say anything........

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Package At my Front Door

Sitting on the porch this morning.....

and look at what was inside

                   Anya sent me the plates,  which I love!   and made  labels for my quilt.... perfect!

I had a special place in the kitchen for the plates but changed my mind,  they will go in living room where everyone  can see them.    Now I have to get busy and paint the wall a soft yellow on Monday.

                                                          THANK YOU ANYA!

All Most Finished

Should finish this quilt up today, can hardly wait to take it off the frame.    This is the last of the feathers,  a good quilt to practice feathers on.    I think I'm getting back in the swing of quilting.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting Ready For Show

Getting ready for show in a couple of weeks.   Need to put the finishing touches on the quilt and check it  over to make sure there are no strings attached.    Making the sleeve after I read  Karen's book on how to...... 

I couldn't remember how far from the top to place the sleeve,  so I had to dig out the book ...... AGAIN!! 

 Will sew the sleeve on tonight......     Just waiting on the labels that Anya embroidered for me.
All the way from Montana,   do you believe that???     Yep!!  Montana     Should be here Friday.

I thought I would show you my sewing room.    It is really my guest bedroom, but some how it is getting cluttered  up with my quilting stuff  or do I just want Raylene to feel at home when she comes to visit 

The batting is usually stored in the basement,  but we were planning on moving so everything got packed up and moved.    Now it is slowing making it way back into the house.    Pillows forms in  the plastic bags that will be slip covered today to be place on the new slip cover sofa.   I did get them cut and ready to go last night.

                                       So many books and magazine to get rid of

                                                         NOW TO BEGIN MY DAY